Miami: The Best of Art Deco Architecture


Virginia Duran

Miami is the kind of city not many people visit for its architecture, unless you aren’t the average traveler. In that case you’ll be amazed by its colorful Art Deco buildings from the very first minute you step on Ocean Drive.  This kind of architecture reminds us of better times in Cuba, when ladies wore white dresses with red lipstick and men smoked cigars on the outdoor terraces of the cafés. Much has happened since then but Miami keeps this amazing atmosphere provided by these historical buildings which are still standing.

Have you visited these buildings? Which was your favorite? These are some shots of my last visit.

If you visit Miami soon, make sure you don’t miss any of these jewels of Art Deco Architecture.

Virginia Duran Blog- Miami- The Best Art Deco Architecture- Park Central Hotel by Henry Hohauser
: Park Central Hotel
Location: 640 Ocean Drive
Architect: Henry Hohauser
Year: 1937
Brief Description: Known…

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