Welcome to my website

I am a full-time grad student at Florida International University. My journey begins at Interior Architecture, but deep down I like architecture more. Unsurprisingly, I veer my way into architecture. This is my 2nd semester. Every day is a fulfilling experience. I learn from the best. People around me work so hard to get where they want to be. I am totally committed to architecture now.

Most people do not understand how I can study for so many years and keep going. The only explanation is that learning is fun. I have not yet settled for my BA in Economics and the JD in Law. My whole life seems to revolve around studying. Many people consider me as a professional student. Little do they know I have worked many years before university. Indeed, education is so pricey from where I come from. It becomes more accessible after I immigrated to Canada.

Of course, Miami is the best place to study. Who does not like sunny weather and the beach! Besides, it is best known for the Latin-infused party culture and Art Deco architecture. However, my biggest obsession is watching dolphin all year round. My current home has an ocean view from every window. Dolphins like to swim along sail boats. I can see more dolphins on the weekend and holiday. Moreover, the living expenses are low compared to most other states in the US. While my law school classmates become lawyers after 2 years of training, I am exploring in the new realm of architecture. Most of them want to marry and buy their own flats after graduation. The ongoing housing crisis in my hometown shatters many dreams and breaks many families. Most young lawyers cannot even make the initial down payment. It may take a whole lifetime to pay off the mortgage. Perhaps, I will design affordable housing and make their dream come true!

Recently, one classmate questioned about the meaning of life on Facebook after she finished her work at 4 am. The story begins with her getting a taxi and heading to her sister home. Since her home is too far away, the taxi driver only agreed to drive to her sister’s home. However, she forgot her sister’s address and told the cab driver to search for it when they arrived the neighborhood. After coming to the area, the driver searched for 30 mins, then he gave up and asked her to get off the car. My friend is a nice girl and did not want to call her sister and woke her up. As a result, she had spent a long time walking around to locate the correct address. Imagine a young lawyer walking alone at 4 am to find a place to rest after a long day of work! She deserved every penny of her hard work from this big firm. After this incident, she continued to write about how she converts herself into a 9 am to 9 am person! I think “slave” would be a better word.  Knowing that most lawyers are workaholic and I am speechless at this point. Comparing to the architecture studio culture, some students also stay late in the studio. As long as you are doing what you love, I guess it does not matter!  No judgment call.  Just do what you love!

This website is part of a course requirement  (IND 5477 Comp. App 2).  It contains  Revit (see note below) exercises from M3 to M13.  We are expected to submit a final project which consolidates everything we have done in this course.

The self-learning experience is challenging which makes me realize new technology is the way to go.  I am exposed to many other computer applications that are essential for today’s job market. Although we have finished Comp. App 2 Revit, I am still updating this website from time to time.

Initially, I have never thought of going public. However, I really enjoy writing and sharing information. After joining the Blogging Boot Camp 101, I got new inspiration.  Yes, it is fun to create your own website. I enjoy the process of writing. It gives me absolute control, freedom, and solitude.

Notes: Revit is a robust architectural design and documentation software application created by Autodesk. It is the working tool for architects, interior designers, structural engineers, MEP engineers, contractors and all other building professionals. The features in Revit are specifically designed to support building information modeling (BIM) workflows.

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